Commissioned Artwork

“Creativity takes courage. ”
- Henri Matisse

The Medici were the greatest bankers of their age.

The commissioned works by Donatello, Brunelleschi, and Michelangelo.

They created the Renaissance.


Don’t buy “art” off the shelf.  

Commission your own masterpiece.


Learn About Commissioning Art

Art has always been personal.

Long ago, people asked artists to create works for them. Works that had personal meaning. Works that resonated with them and their surroundings.

Today, art has become overly commercialized. People buy art off the shelf, as if they were buying carrots.

Artists crank out series after series on subjects that have “meaning” to them, but may mean nothing to the viewer – or the owner.

A commissioned work of art changes all that. You participate in the process of creation. You are a part of the journey.

Review the commission process below, and begin your artistic journey.

Commissioned Artwork FAQs